Beyond Trend Event (2022)

This year I was fortunate enough to attend the Creative Growth event, “Beyond Trend 2022.” I first heard about this event from my assistant, who sent me a list of links. I read the description and immediately asked her to reach out to the coordinators. The lovely folx organizing the event were kind enough to send me a complimentary ticket to attend. Below is brief description from Creative Growth’s website on the work they do:


is a non-profit organization based in Oakland, California that advances the inclusion of artists with developmental disabilities in contemporary art and strengthens community by providing a supportive studio environment and gallery representation.

Founded in 1974, Creative Growth is a leader in the field of arts and disabilities, establishing a model for a creative community guided by the principle that art is fundamental to human expression and that all people are entitled to its tools of communication.

From the first day Creative Growth started in the East Bay home of Elias Katz and Florence Ludins-Katz, the vision was clear. Art would be the path forward for people with disabilities to express themselves and a professional gallery would exhibit their work.”

Fashion to me has always been about more than clothes or accessories. Fashion is about letting your imagination, confidence, and personality shine through. Fashion is for EVERYONE period. Fashion is not about gender or even about size. I have seen folx from all walks of life make magic and look fire. The Beyond Trend Event was a celebration of our humanity and the power of creativity. I saw designers who brought their own personal stories, culture, and vision into the creations they made. I was truly inspired watching the documentary at the show. The documentary was a vulnerable look into creative growth’s mission, work, and dedication to these lovely designers. Check out their website here if you or someone you know could benefit from their work. 

Below is a picture of me with the cutest skirt I have ever owned! I bought it at the event and got to meet the designer. I have bad hearing so when they came over to me I initially couldn’t hear until my partner was like “They’re the designer” and I got to redeem myself. She told me that she found a part of the skirt on the street and built on it. It’s beautiful and I am grateful to have this piece in my collection. 

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