Black in the Summer?

Black will always be iconic when it comes to fashion. Not only is it versatile, but it’s elegant. I love wearing black and if you checked my wardrobe you’d probably find 80% of my stuff is black. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like other colors, but black just looks sooo good. 

As I was picking out my outfit today I thought to myself, “I want to wear black, but it’s summer…” Then I remembered I had just bought a cute set from Fashion Nova (on sale!). It’s a cute set of black shorts and an oversized blazer. My friend Christian over @reignnbeauty87 rocked the same look in light green (you can see the website image for the black and green pair below). The two pieces are sold separately, but they are super cheap right now and totally worth it. The blazer is on sale right now for $23.99 USD (originally $39.99 USD). The shorts are also on sale for $15 USD (originally $22.99).  The set is not only nice looking but also not too thick for everyday wear. 

This is the set I got!

If you don’t like shorts for whatever reason, they also have pants that match and look just as cute. I went with the shorts because it can get warm where I live. 

I also really love pussy bow shirts because they accentuate so I wore my favorite from Eloquii which you can buy here.

Image from ELOQUII

Below is the way I styled it. I feel super cute and like I’m ready to get down to business. 

I paired it with my fave Versace clutch

What do you think about wearing black in the summer? 

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