Shopping Tips & Creating Your Own Style

I Wear What I Want!

A big part of my philosophy with clothes nowadays is, “if I love it, I’ll wear it.” This wasn’t always the case. I used to worry about whether clothes were made for men or women. This really made me feel limited, especially because I didn’t always feel comfortable in men’s clothing. After doing a lot of exploring and experimenting I found out that it didn’t matter what gender the clothes were labeled under, but more about how I felt in them. 

Today I want to share some tips on how I shop for clothes, and also how to start exploring. 

Online Shopping

Shopping online can be overwhelming, especially because there are so many online stores on the web and you can easily get lost. However, it is the easiest and sometimes most convenient way to shop. Online stores also have a wider range of sizes and styles as well as payment options. Many of these stores also have great return policies that you can take advantage of while figuring out your size and style. Below are a few of the stores I shop at and links to them.


ELOQUII is a great online store to get started with. It’s affordable and has a great selection. They pretty much sell women’s clothing, but a lot of their clothes can be rocked by anyone! Below are some of the outfits I’ve bought from them. 

Cute one piece. I got it altered for length.

Super cute pink faux fur style jacket

80’s style one piece jumpsuit.


ORTTU is a great brand! However, it is on the pricier side. What I will say is that their style is creative, inventive, and of great quality. Pieces I own from them include:

Thrift Stores & Vintage

I grew up shopping in thrift stores. My family was really poor when I was young and a lot of my clothes came from places like Goodwill and the Salvation army. Over the years I resented shopping at these places because it reminded me of my family’s struggles. However, thrift stores and vintage store shopping are now all the rave. I decided to give this option another chance. 

I have to admit that this time around I became absolutely enamored with thrift store shopping. Iv’e been able to find great pieces here and there at stores like Out of the Closet and independent thrift stores. But here’s my secret… Find a professional thrift store shopper! I found a few online that I absolutely love and I am building an ongoing relationship with them. What are thrift store shoppers you may be wondering? These are folx who shop at thrift stores for you and find pieces that match your style! You can find many of these folx on social media like Instagram. Below are two that I frequent. 

Theydy in Red

Magnus Vintage

La Vida Pompoms

Some of the items I’ve gotten with these shoppers:

This cute long white cloak (Theydy In Red)

Super cute Guatemalan Poncho (La Vida PomPoms)

Metallic Mini (Magnus Vintage)

Cute top (Theydy In Red)

Fashion Designers

Now I know what you’re thinking… “that sounds expensive!” Well, while it is pricier than the two options I shared above, this option is VERY worth it! A lot of my best looks have been created in collaboration with talented Queer designers. This option isn’t only great for anyone looking for a more inspired and unique look, but you also get to support designers who are starting out! 

My favorite designers include:

Nacho Jota

Me (on the right) with the brilliant Nacho!

This Coat fit for Royalty

Frill My Heart!

House Oscura

House Oscura is an absolute gem of a brand based in LA. This duo oozes style, class, and beauty. I’ve never had an order I didn’t absolutely LOVE! Check out a couple of my fave pieces from them below.

This Gorgeous Selena Inspired Jacket

This perfect flower duster

And Our

And Our label is a San Francisco-based label that is whimsical and magical AF! The pieces here are broken down into categories like Romance, Pleasure, and Play. Make sure to check them out! Here is my favorite piece so far from them:

Valentine Back Button Top (Romance)

Jordan Joel

I haven’t bought any pieces from Jordan yet, BUT! I did walk in their runway show for PRIDE in June at OASIS SF. What can I say, Jordan is a visionary and their street fashion line is so much fun! I can wait to update you on the pieces I get from them soon! Below are my dream pieces! 

Crop Top Sweatshirt (Black)

The Lorena Pussy Bow

Regardless of where you decide to invest make sure that you feel good in the clothes you buy and that it accentuates your personality. Wear the clothes, don’t let them wear you. Above all remember that the best looks come from your imagination so go with your gut!

Love & Light to you all!

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