My name is Luis Cornejo and I’m an Indigiqueer model passionate about fashion and creativity. By trade, I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who specializes in working with Queer and BIPOC folx.  

You may wonder, “why would a therapist want to model and act?” 

Therapists are human too! We also have various interests and passions that stem from outside our work. My hope is to utilize my knowledge and experience by bringing it into the world of fashion and entertainment. Growing up I didn’t really see folx who looked like me or who talked about the issues impacting my life. I want to be that person, not only for myself but for others who may need it as well. I strongly believe in representation and the power it has to influence people. 

A large part of my journey is also meant to disrupt and dismantle what we have been forced to accept as standards of beauty by the media. By continuing to perpetuate a certain body type, weight, and height the fashion industry and entertainment industry are doing a huge disservice to folx everywhere. These standards are often toxic and reinforce gross standards about who should be seen and who shouldn’t. This leads to an array of problems for folx such as body image issues and low self-esteem. I believe we are all beautiful and have something to offer the world! 

Follow along as I go on this journey!

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